jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours

jQuery Mobile 1.3 Beta is open!

The jQuery Mobile team announced today that you can start playing with version 1.3 right now. As a bonus you can report any bugs and help them get ready for the 1.3.0 stable.

Check it out the beta demos now!

So what is new in 1.3?

  • Sidebar panels (think of the Facebook or Google+ app where the menu slides out in a panel)
  • Responsive Tables
  • Column Toggle
  • More RWD friendly
  • Range Slider
  • Responsive Grids
  • Navigate event method
  • Page transitions with support for IE10 and Windows Phone 8!
  • New search option for the Listview (like type-ahead, only with list items!)
  • Dialog now has a close button option
  • Popup modal click-to-close option (now you can tap/click out of the window and it does not close.. or does, all configurable)
  • and MORE!

Also, the beta ships with jQuery 1.8.3, however when the 1.3.0 final ships it will run on the shiny-new jQuery 1.9! Congrats to both jQuery teams for their epic work and release schedules!

For more information read the official blog post over at the jQuery Mobile site.

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