jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours

Missing/Lost Files, and Text Corrections

After having reports of some missing example files I have decided to create this post to manage direct links and resolution for any missing example files.

First files reported missing were the example HTML files for Hour 3. These have been added to the master zip file and the single hour zip for Hour 3 under the folder “Supplemental”.

Errors in the printed text will also be updated here, so check the updates below for updated content.


11/17/12 – Gene, host of the Boston PHP Meetup – jQuery jAM Season 2, has found an error in the text of Listing 4.7. Note that the examples files are complete and working, however the text in the book refers to a file that does not exist. Note the following:

Listing 4.7 (multipage_two.html):
Line 15 reads:

... href="pageinit.html" ...

it should read:

... href="multipage_one.html" ...

Thanks for the find Gene!

11/11/12 – The Boston PHP group noticed that the example files for Hour 2 were completely missing from the downloaded zip on the InformIT website. While I work out how to fix that with them, grab the files from the master zip file (linked above), or grab the Hour 2 code here.

10/14/12 – “Paul” pointed out that there was a typo in the file 3_11.html on line 4. There was a missing”) {“. I have corrected the file and replaced the zip files (both chapter and master). Thanks for reporting your find Paul!

If any more missing files are found I will update this post (as well as update the zip files) to let you know that the files are available.

As always, thanks for keeping in touch and commenting.

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