jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours

jQuery Mobile spotted in IBM Worklight v5

IBM and jQuery Mobile logos

IBM Worklight features jQuery Mobile

Yesterday I attended a proof of concept presentation for the newly acquired Worklight v5 product from IBM. The acquisition actually took place in February, but IBM has had to take the time to make sure that it would play nice and integrate with their server technology.

So what is one of the coolest parts of the platform? The fact that you can build your entire enterprise mobile application with jQuery Mobile. They have support for jQuery Mobile baked right into Worklight Studio (read as ‘modified eclipse installation’) and ready for use on your first and beyond project.

For those that want to checkout the Worklight offering, you can do so for free by going to the Eclipse Marketplace and searching for Worklight. This will install the plugin to your Eclipse environment and you can start creating projects from there. For those that want to use Dojo Mobile, they have a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface that can be used to help place mobile views and to create your app. Word on the streets is that a WYSIWYG version for jQuery Mobile is being developed and will be released soon (which I hope this rumor is true as it is a much easier sell for managers and marketers when they can see the interface rather than line after line of code).

You can learn about Worklight here, or you can download the developer studio here.

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  1. A JQuery Mobile editor would be really great. Then I can get rid of my home made Snippets 🙂 Is that word on the street from someone within IBM?

    • @Fredrik
      It was from an IBM rep who when asked for further details could neither confirm or deny the accuracy of his previous statement. So I’m not sure if the intent for buzz-generatation, if he wanted the jQuery Mobile developers to pay more attention to the product, or if perhaps it really is happening. IBM currently has a summit (Smarter eCommerce) going now in Orlando FL, perhaps more news will be announced there. If there is I’ll make sure to add a follow up.

      In the meantime if you are looking for a jQuery Mobile editor, you can check out codiqa. It is a great drag-and-drop tool that can be used to prototype out your design or even kick out the final code for use in your projects. I’m not sure on pricing, but it may be worth a look. If IBM really is creating an editor for Worklight, I’m not sure that I’d be surprised if it was based on this work, or if a buyout was on the way.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. The v5.0.5 release of Worklight will have a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface for jQuery mobile. This release is expected on December 7th 2012.