jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours

jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC1 released!

Big thumbs up to the jQM team and congrats on bringing out jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC1.  This is a phenomenal update to the already stellar jQuery Mobile platform.

Along with the update, the homepage of jquerymobile.com has been given a shuffle, and features a new drag-and-drop demo area.  This is powered by Codiqa and is not only entertaining, but extremely awesome and easy to use.

Features of the 1.1.0 RC1 release include

Fixed Toolbars (for real this time 😉 )

Improved Transitions (sorry Android fans, turns out the native browser (pre Honeycomb/ICS) is not super supportive on this)

New Loader Options

Support for jQuery 1.7.1

While this is mainly an announcement and I have glossed over pretty much everything, you should head over to the official blog post and check out all the goodies.

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